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// A record braking number

of Schiedel chimneys and stoves were on show at the annual Finnish Housing Fair, held this year in beautiful city of Mikkeli, the hometown of Anssi Kontinen the country manager of Schiedel Finland.

Schiedel chimneys, both the elegant steel chimneys and popular ceramic chimney systems can be found in most of the new apartments and one family houses on show at the Housing Fair. Schiedel Heat & Glo stoves for indoors were launched in Finland last year. This year with the presence at the Housing Fair will prove to be breakthrough for them. The combinations of elegant stoves and chimneys are in thirteen apartments in all.

The innovative KINGFIRE® model can be found in the most striking exhibition house of all: the Wave. It is a totally unique wooden house of fantastically innovative lines, dreamed by architect Seppo Mäntylä and produced from Finnish spruce. Even the most beautiful pictures do not do the structure and its atmosphere justice. The house has to be experienced “on site”.

Preferably you would be sitting near the KINGFIRE® looking at its flames, at the Wave´s terrace, enjoying the lake view, drinking something cool and nice and eating muikkuja, small local fresh fish, fried in butter.

black Permeter Smooth with a Ruegg Gubeo in Wave living area

A Finnish specialty

The Housing Fair is a Finnish annual event for everyone who is interested in all things related to housing. Housing Fair showcases the ongoing and future trends in housing industry: architecture, building, materials, interior design, furnishing and landscaping. It is the place for housing developers and builders as well as interior designers and furnishing manufacturers to introduce their work to both professionals and private visitors.

The Housing Fair is set up in an area where actual houses are built and decorated for the audience to visit. The houses are built for real families who are going to move in after the Housing Fair closes. That’s one reason why the fair is held in different place every year.

Elegant Black Permeter Smooth with Liekki-fireplace

Apartments for all tastes

The Mikkeli Housing Fair presented 31 different sites for the fair visitors. All in all 29 of them were single-family houses. They are always the most popular ones and the reason visitors come in tens of thousands every year, and many literally again and again. This year 150 000 visitors were expected to come.
There was as well one semi-detached house, in which a flat was presented to the fair visitors and terraced houses, in which two flats were open to the fair visitors.

The idea that sparked the construction of the Housing Fair residential area in Mikkeli, was to take advantage of Lake Saimaa and combine the natural values and all-year exercise opportunities offered by the area. The trees offer protection and greenery, while the area planning ensures that the open waters of Lake Saimaa can be seen from nearly every plot. The vegetation at the shore was preserved to protect the moor frogs, and as many trees as possible were left in place for the flying squirrels.

Permeter Smooth with a NunnaUUni Calor Hexa-fireplace


Director Schiedel Finland

„It is not every year we get a chance
to show our products so close to home”,

Anssi Kontinen laughs
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