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Schiedel Project: Oil refinery Brod


// The Oil refinery in Bosanski Brod

The oil refinery in Bosanski Brod is investing into a new boiler room for the production of a high-pressured saturated steam, which will be needed for technology processes within the refinery. The steam will be produced by three Belarussian BZKO steam boilers, burning heavy crude oil, each with a nominal power of 17 MW.

The Croatian company Parlux d.o.o. which is a supplier of process equipment for the refinery asked for technical support and chimney sizing. Since a lot of technical information on characteristics of the installed appliances are required to be able to offer any technical support, Parlux asked Schiedel to have direct contact with the refinery‘s head planning company Termoenergo inženjering d.o.o. which is situated in Belgrade (Serbia). Due to the distance and the easier communication, Schiedel Croatia asked their colleagues from Schiedel Serbia to take over this part of the job and get in contact with Termoenergo inženjering d.o.o. to support them with the chimney sizing and design.

Schiedel‘s head technician Mr. Jelic met head architect at Termoenergo inženjering d.o.o., where they discussed a project and possible solutions with his team of planners. Based on the received technical information on boilers, economizers, chimney height and connecting flue routes, he calculated the required chimney diameters. The result of this calculation were chimneys with a nominal diameter of 1000 mm and they decided to use Schiedel ICS 50 as the best and most suitable solution.

An important part in the design process after defining type and size of the chimneys was creating a production drawing for the supporting structure where Schiedel was asked again for its support. They needed a CAD drawing of the chimneys including the supporting structure to be able to define the exact location of all chimney‘s fixing points to the supporting structure. As there were no 3D CAD models available in this diameter in the web libraries, Schiedel did this part of the planning and gave them all required positions.

In March 2016 Optima group, which is the investor of this project published a tender for supply and installation of chimneys, where Schiedel ICS 50 was already recorded in the project documentation. Schiedel Croatia responded to the tender where they competed against Jeremias and couple of local chimney producers.

In November 2016 four trucks delivered all chimney elements on site within the agreed 35 days delivery term, with exception of the special boiler connectors which were scheduled after installation of the chimneys.

The installation of the chimneys and connecting flue pipes was taken over by the company Bosna montaža, which is specialized in the installation of heating, plumbing and venting but have no previous experience with fitting modular chimneys. For this reason a special technical training was organized by Schiedel Croatia for their installing team carried through on site. They have also agreed in a couple of days on-site support during the installation.

This project again shows the high importance of drawings or CAD models to support the planning process in such big projects. Also it is very important to be informed where wall supports should be fixed as supporting structure and which parts have to be corrosion protected by painting or galvanizsation, prior the on-site assembly or chimney installation.

//  PROJECT: Oil refinery Brod
//  LOCATION: Bosanski Brod

//  ENGINEERING BUREAU: Termoenergo Inženjering,d.o.o., Belgrade
//  CHIMNEYS: 3 x ICS 50, DN 1000 mm
//  CONNECTING FLUE PIPES: 2 x ICS 50, DN 1000 mm, length 2 x 12 m, 1 x 5 m
//  APPLIANCES: 3 x BZKO. type E-25-1.4-250 GM steam boilers, 17 MW each

//  APPLICATION: Steam production for technology process
//  INVESTOR: Rafinerija nafte Brod a.d.

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