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A fire for all the senses


// In the beginning there was fire…

– what already applied to the homo sapiens around one million years ago, still has significance to the present day.

Wherever people come together – if there’s a bright, warming fire burning, they will gather around it. The love for fire, the longing for its flickering light and its dancing shadows is unbroken and exerts an irresistible fascination on us. With the “open fire”, Ulrich BRUNNER GmbH returns the fire in its most original form: as an open fireplace without a glass pane, but with sophisticated technology for uninterrupted and safe operation, also in modern, tight buildings.


In their current version, the open fireplaces have even larger cross-sections for the air supply and a patented design, which minimises the leakage of flue gases and provides for maintaining the negative pressure of the chimney in the fireplace insert. The “pressure compensation” is regulated via a generously dimensioned outside air connection (diameter: 250 mm).

Therewith, the necessary “replenishment air” into the room can be led directly to the fireplace opening. In this manner, draught effects or a critical negative pressure can be reliably avoided. In terms of flow, the design is dimensioned in a way, that the air can flow into the room free from pressure loss via the double-walled combustion space. Additionally, the outside air is simultaneously pre-heated. Thus, primal fire fireplaces replace the sucked-off room air with pre-heated fresh air – that’s a feature only available from BRUNNER.

For the provision of the air requirement, two methods are prevalent in practice: the horizontal air supply through the outer wall or through a vertical supply-air shaft. The latter can always be realised independent of the installation site of the primal fire fireplace and is undertaken either through a shaft or a second “chimney” suitable for air passage running in parallel, for example with stainless steel chimneys. System chimneys already have an integrated air shaft with approval, which is installed thermally separated from the flue gas pipe (e.g. Schiedel ABSOLUT TL with thermally insulated thermal airflow). Here, the chimney head is executed with rain hood and supply air head plate.

// The open archaic fireplaces from Brunner

are suitable also for installation and operation in tight buildings.

All fireplaces have been type-checked according to EN 13229. That means planning and operational security for architects, craftsmen and operators as well as clear information for the chimney sweepers upon inspection. The fireplaces from BRUNNER are available in five different formats, among these – as special variants – as an open kitchen fireplace as well as the four-sided free, suspended “Urfeuer 4 free”. As an additional design option, the combustion space can be visually enlarged by pulling out the fire space’s protective plates. An important safety detail is the spark protection. It is installed in series in all open fireplaces from BRUNNER and can be upwardly concealed via a smooth-running stable guide. In the concealed state, too, no technical equipment is visible.

„Seeing flames, hearing the crackling of the wood, smelling its scent, feeling its warmth – the open fire of BRUNNER stands for enjoyment of fire with all the senses.“

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